Lord of the cows

“May that Lord of the cows be satisfied by us. Who is Indra when compared to Kṛṣṇa? Kṛṣṇa is the master of Indra. And yet He has appeared as the master of cows; the Supreme Absolute Truth has accepted a simple position as the keeper of cows. Superficially, He is a mere cowherd boy. But let that cowherd boy, who holds within Him the power of controlling the whole universe, be satisfied with us. We want to worship that Lord who has taken the humble position of the king of the cows.”

The real prescription

“They want to know how many hands Mahavishnu has, they want to know how many legs Nrsimhadev has, they want to know how Nrsimhadev is eating ... someone is telling, “This scripture said this, this scripture said that”—but nothing will come for my spiritual benefit!” Srila Gurudev speaks with humour and caution on the knowledge-seeking attempt.

“Be sincere, be chaste”

“We must be sincere and we must be chaste in the line of Krishna consciousness. That means our faith must be strong: ‘I must get it, today or tomorrow.’ If the result is not coming then I must try to search within me, ‘Where is my fault?’ And if we will try to understand where our fault is then mercifully, by the grace of Krishna, it will appear to me.”