Sri Vaishnava Toshani Vol 3 No 1

Sri Vaishnava Toshani, May–June 1994, Vol 3 #1 is presented here.

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I Have Only One Successor
by His Divine Grace B.R. Sridhar Dev-Goswami Maharaj 

I Am Your Unknown Friend
by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad

Safely On The Path Of Devotion
by His Divine Grace Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj

The Serving Mood
by Swami B.P. Janardan

The Path Of Divine Descent
by Swami B.A. Sagar

Religion Means Proper Adjustment
by Swami B.S. Tridandi

Response by Srutasrava Das

The Beauty Of His Smile
by Braja Mohini Dasi

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