Spiritual busi-ness

Service is making service, and money is making money. And Guru is the service maker, the super service maker.

We have seen many things in our life. From Srila Swami Maharaj’s first life to last life, and also from Srila Guru Maharaj’s first Chaitanya Saraswat Math to the present worldwide mission, we have seen many things. We are looking at everything and have seen many auspicious souls, and many inauspicious things. Many things are coming and going in this mundane world. Watching is necessary. We are watching what is going and what is coming, and in that way we can understand. If it does not come in our lives how will we understand?
Everybody does not know what bhakti is. Somebody is hearing something and writing one book. “I am writing a book, Maharaj; give me blessings, give me permission.” I am thinking, “How foolish this man is.” But in another way he is very auspicious, because he is trying in that way. Maybe when he is thinking, “I am a master” that is foolishness, but when he is thinking, “I am student” that is good no doubt.
But I am trying in another way: what is in front of me, I am trying with that. Somebody is doing business with a little fund, somebody without capital, somebody with big capital, but everybody is trying to do some business. ‘Business’ word is also a very nice word. I do not know the full meaning, but I know the meaning of ‘busy’. To always have some engagement, that is busy. To always have some engagement with wealth is business. Then he is keeping busy himself with that engagement. And that is also service.
You must do something, but it is necessary to choose whether that is good or bad. You must do something; you cannot stop your running. Any way you must run, so when you run, run for your destiny. That will be very good for your life.
When we have got something, then there is no cause to be hopeless. Try to do some seva, then you will feel this. Sevā sevā tairī kare: service is making service. When I shall serve, that service will make my service again.
Devotee: Like business—money makes money.
Srila Gurudev: Service is making service, and money is making money. And Guru is the service maker, the super service maker.
Srila Gurudev speaking in Govardhan, March 1991

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