Hopeful Vision

I see that Guru Maharaj is present and he is giving us inspiration in every work. I have no doubt. When I am in a little disturbed position, then Guru Maharaj is coming in front. At that time I am going to the front, with Guru Maharaj pushing me from my back. He is pushing me and I am going in the front. Now I see that Guru Maharaj is in my front and I am following him. Then I am more safe this way.

In this time, the middle time, many things have SGM_SSM_walkinghappened. Maybe all over the world many things have happened. I have heard that many things have happened. But all darkness will gradually go. Some things will go quickly, some things will go gradually. In this way everything will be set right, no problem. But when a great personality, a transcendental personality, leaves this mundane world, then some disturbance must come. From the beginning I told that we must be careful for disturbance, and we have seen this. But when we are fully surrendered to Guru Maharaj and want help from the upper level, and if we can pray properly, then help must come to us. I have no doubt. I am seeing it.

Srila Gurudev speaking on 10 October 1989, in Nabadwip Dham.